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Built-Up Roofing Membrane, commonly known as BUR, comprises alternating layers of bitumen and reinforcing fabrics that create a finished membrane. This material is a tar-and-gravel roof that has been used in the U.S. for over 100 years. The number of layers is adjustable to control costs and meet durability requirements. Additionally, a BUR roofing system inherently incorporates insulation properties in the design because of the multiple layers, which can boost the energy efficiency of the overall roofing system. BUR roofing is one of the most cost-effective and rugged roofing types available for low-slope roofs.

BUR roofing is installed by heating the built-up asphalt felt rolls until pliable and then unrolling them over the prepared substrate. BUR can be installed cold on new roofs, on top of bitumen felt on existing roofs for re-roofing purposes, or to manage leaks under different types of materials. The layers of reinforcing fabrics are coated with asphalt emulsion that is heated into liquid form before it is spread evenly across each layer using a special trowel. If additional protection against water penetration through the roof deck is required, an elastomeric coating can be mixed with the asphalt mix and applied similarly.

BUR roofing is considered the best product for protecting exposed deck areas because it allows any deck penetrations such as pipe collars to be made through the layer. The use of BUR roofing also eliminates the need for surfacing with gravel or using granules on exposed decks since it can provide a 2-inch overlay over an existing membrane exposed by notching or grooving.

The durability of bitumen roofs depends on how well they are designed, specifically, on the roof's ability to shed water properly. Water accumulates wherever it finds a low spot, including roof angles, valleys, wall cop and parapets, skylights, and pipe collars. 

All joints are fully bonded within the BUR layering system for maximum water penetration resistance. 

Benefits of BUR Roofing

  • Tough, durable, and long-lasting 
  • Excellent weather protection from the sun, rain, and wind 
  • The finish never needs to be painted or coated 
  • Excellent fire resistance 
  • Excellent sound insulation

Professional BUR Roofing Contractors

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