A Checklist To Get Your Roof Ready For The Rainy Season

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As the rainy season sets in, it can cause significant damage to your roof, especially when it is not adequately prepared. To prevent such a situation, it’s essential to take precautions by repairing and maintaining your roof before the rain strikes. However, taking on roof maintenance is not an easy task, and we at Stonehaven Roofing understand that getting your roof ready for the rainy season can be viewed as stressful and dangerous. But with a bit of preparation, your roof will be equipped to handle the oncoming rains.

As experts in residential and commercial roofing, we’ve created a handy checklist to help you get your roof ready for the rainy season with as little stress as possible. Follow our checklist to ensure your roof is ready to protect your home to its full potential.

1. Get a S.M.A.R.T roof inspection
The first step to getting your roof ready for the rainy season is to have a roof inspection. It can be hard to spot roof issues from the ground. So the best way is to hire a roofing professional to perform a roof inspection. This will give you a better understanding of the current condition of your roof and let you know if replacement or repairs are needed. At Stonehaven Roofing, we perform a specialized roof inspection to document its condition in the event of further damage.  This roof inspection report can be used in the home insurance claims process. For more information about our S.M.A.R.T inspection, visit our home page.

2. Trim trees around your roof
If there are low-hanging trees near your roof, make sure to trim them as best as possible. Strong storms can cause tree branches to break off and cause damage to your roof. Loose branches cause damage to shingles and tile, and the loose leaves that fall off can clog your gutters.

3. Clean out your gutters
Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear so that the rainwater can flow out properly. Gutters can get clogged with debris which can cause water to back up onto the roof. This, in turn, can cause water build-up on the roof, leading to leaks and water damage.

4. Check flashing and vents
Vents and flashing are easy spots for water to get through. Ensure that everything is in place and check the sealant to ensure it’s not dried out. If the sealant is dried out around the vents, it’s important to have it resealed. Living in Florida, we experience extreme temperature changes, which can cause pipes and vents to expand and contract, making it easier for water to get through.

5. Check your skylights
Always ensure the skylights are in place and sealed properly. This is another spot where water can get in and cause interior damage.

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